BAE173 Fancafe Sign Up Guide

In order to join the BAE173 Fancafe you will need to follow the following steps. If you have kakao already make sure that you daum email if you don’t you will need to add one to your account. 1. Go to or to the daum cafe app. 2. Create an account. Daum will prompt you to make a kakao …

Intersection: Spark Buying Guide

Intersection: Spark Buying Guide Release: 2020.11.19 Tracklist: Prelude: Crush on U Fly uh It’s All U Album Packaging 120p Photobook AR Photocard Photocard Folding Card Sticker Pre-Order Benefit Photocard Mini Photobook Poster Where to buy Ktown4u – discount link Synnara Interpark Aladdin Yes24 Hottracks Gmarket (synnara store)   (apple music korea) Special events Apple music video call Event  

Intersection: Spark

Intersection: Spark BAE173 debut album was announced on October 29th Teaser images for their debut album were released on twitter. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”Intersection: Spark”]

BAE173 Debut Announced for November 19 2020

It feels like it is so soon, yet also we’ve been waiting for almost 2 months since the pre-debut teasers began. Finally, BAE173 will be debuting! On november 10th,, 2020, BAE173 will take the world by storm with their irresistible charms and overflowing talent. The boys have come from such diverse backgrounds, but all have been working many long years …