BAE173 Pre-Debut Census Results

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Pre-debut Census. We had responses from nearly 300 people.

This was our very first census and we hope to see more people participate in the future as we document how our fandom grows and what we value as a group.

So now we present you the results of the census, but we also invite you to leave comments bellow on different topics and questions you’d like to see in future censuses. The plan is to run a census with each era to evaluate our progress as a fandom and what we may need to focus on for impending comebacks.

View the full report here.

Thoughts on the Results

We were able to collect a lot of data about the fandom through the census that will help us in supporting BAE173 to the best of our abilities.

According to the results the majority of the fandom is female identifying. Which generally coincides with the composition of many kpop boy groups. However, it will be interesting if our unique boys charms also catch the hearts of more males as well.

Based on the respondents the majority of the fandom resides in South East Asia, followed by North America. It was interesting to see that almost 50% of the respondents of reside in Indonesia.  The next largest populations came from Philippines, Malaysia, and USA. 

85% of respondents spoke English. Considering that the original language of the census was English, translations had to be done by actively translating the form in browser, and it was mainly promoted by fanbases that had demographics that spoke English it is a bit hard to determine if this is accurate representation or heavily skewed due to distribution.

Most respondents used Twitter the most to post about BAE173 a few times a day.

More than 50% of the fandom got into kpop in 2012 or earlier and correspondingly stan mostly 2nd gen groups. An interesting fact considering that most of the fandom also is under 23.

As far as it comes to spending on BAE173, the fandom currently is prioritizing albums. Most fans are looking to buy multiple copies of the album. However, when it comes to other purchases, there was a significant drop off.

Hopes for Next TIme

One of the biggest additions for the next census is we will be able to compare results from the next one to this one. This will give us indications of growth from pre to post debut.

Next time around we’d like to have it natively translated into multiple languages. This will require for us to gain translators. This should help us spread this to increase the diversity and get a better understanding. At minimum we will have a Korean version.

Let us know what other things you would like to see in the next census.

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