BAE173 Debut Message Book

BAE173 will be debuting soon. To celebrate the occasion, we will be producing a message book.

Who Can Participate:

Any fan of BAE173 can submit messages. Fans who also donate a minimum amount will be guaranteed to have their message in the physical book. If you message doesn’t make it into the physical book, your message will still be delivered.

When Can You Send A Message:

There will be two rounds of submissions.

Round One of Submissions are predebut congratulatory messages. You can direct them toward the group or a specific member. Submission period begins Oct 20th and will close Oct 26th.

Round Two of Submissions are congratulations for BAE173’s debut. These messages must be directed toward the group as a whole. Submission period begins the day of debut until 5 days after debut.

Time Table:

Once all submissions are closed the design will be completed within 48 hours (don’t worry the design process has already begun, we are just waiting on submissions). Production of the book should take no more than a week. All components of the gift will be arranged and then shipped. Shipping Korea takes 3-5 days. The books should arrive to BAE173 at Pocketdol Studio by the end of their first promotions.


Regardless of if we receive enough donations to cover the costs of production and shipping, the message book will be sent. We will fund it out of our own pockets. But donations are welcome. And with Donations we can expand the debut gifts, to not just be the message book, but also a star in BAE173’s name.

Goal 1 $55 covers production and shipping
Goal 2 $90 covers production, a star, and shipping
Goal 3 $135 covers production, a supernova, and shipping

Those who donate $3 are guaranteed to have their message in the physical book. Those who donate $5 are guaranteed to have their message in the book AND will receive a photo print set.

If donations reach $135 it will be immediately closed.

Donations will end the day of debut.


Submit a First Round message:


If you have any questions about the message book feel free to ask us in the comments.


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