BAE173 Fancafe Sign Up Guide

In order to join the BAE173 Fancafe you will need to follow the following steps. If you have kakao already make sure that you daum email if you don’t you will need to add one to your account.

1. Go to or to the daum cafe app.

2. Create an account. Daum will prompt you to make a kakao account. When prompted select “I need a new email account”. Make note of your username it will be required later when applying for level up in the fancafe.   

3. Go to BAE173’s fancafe ( ) click on the button that says 카페 가입하기 or Join.

If on mobile download daum fancafe app. Then search for BAE173. Once you enter the cafe depending on your language settings it will either say 카페 가입하기 or Join

4. The cafe will then have you set your username for the cafe. Please make sure to follow the rules for usernames.



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